Who we are:

Mississippi Valley is a chapter within the Antique and Classic Boat Society (ACBS) whose purpose is the preservation of historic, antique, and classic boats. ACBS is an international organization with chapters located throughout the United States and multiple foreign countries. Chapters are sub components of ACBS and are primarily associated with geographic areas. Mississippi Valley primarily represents Eastern Missouri and Southwestern Illinois. Some of our activities occur on lakes within our region, but our primary source of water for boating is the Mississippi River.
Mission Statement:

Our mission is to connect people who enjoy owning, building, operating, and showing antique and classic boats. To accomplish this task, we provide workshops to aid in the building or restoration of member boats, events and social outings for the operation of boats, and shows to display our work to the general public.
Contact Details:
Name: Mark Griffin
email: mvcacbs@gmail.com
Mississippi Valley Chapter
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